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Hello, my name is Dawid
and I’m founder of the Wargames Terrain Factory.

We’re producing high quality terrain for wargames (cpt. obvious reporting), mostly for Warhammer 40000. Almost all our stuff is hand crafted, using best materials available – all kinds of xps foams, hdf, cardboard, resin, wood ect.. We’re shipping all around the world straight from our beloved Poland. Our usuall clients live in North America, Europe and Australia. But we can work out any shipping details.

Whole terrain production proceeds with constant contact with client using online message systems, and includes exchange pictures, ideas and thoughts. Thats because our greatest priority is creating product that satisfies our clients in 100%

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Just got mine in and it is awesome. You guys rock!!

T.J. Collier

I recently received the Lava Terrain. Outstanding Service! Constant updates! Couldn't have asked for better service!

Evan James

Exemplary customer service. The artists went above and beyond to capture the vision I had for my terrain set I asked to have commissioned. I highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to take their tabletop to the next level.

Dillon Fisher

Asked for desert terrain! Got exactly what I wanted. Amazing product and amazing service. Went above and beyond. Thank you

Marc Elsby

Just as I said on main page - great work! I am happy to have this terrain

Adam Kuc

One word. Perfect. Everything looks great. Bought a custom ruin city. Got the set really Quick, and nothing was broken. I higly recomend this guy.

Henrik Andersson

The terrain reached me quickly and is without a doubt some of the best wargames terrain I have seen so far. I'm incredibly happy with the purchase and will do business with the Wargames Terrain Factory again.

John Batch

I bought the Cathedral set. I live in Australia and it only took a few days to get to me. There were no breakages. Quality of the terrain is top notch. A really good job, many thanks

Peter Crawford

Really nice quality. Makes for amazingly looking games! Highly recommended, both in terms of product and reliability.

Christoffer Hansen
Wargame Terrain Factory