Dwarfs Army


Dwarfs: 18 slayers – half of them are really old models

14 Long Drong Pirate Slayers – rare models for old dogs of war in WFB

30 Clansmen/Longbeards/Iron Breakers rare old models with limited dragon company Musician

10 Riflemen

19 5the edition Hammerers

20 Clansmen

10 Crossbowman

25 clansmen 4th edition, changed axes. Champion is Warhammer Quest model. Limited.

15 Hammerers

11 Miners,

unique drunken Dwarf

300th white dwarf model – limited model BSB Hero,

old model Josef Bugman,

limited games day model 6th edition engineer

Anvil of Doom,

old model Collectioner model from Bugsman Brewery

100th White Dwarf model – limited model BSB Hero

Old Girocopter

Runesmith Throng – limited model

2 Ballistas with crew

Stonethrower with crew

2 Cannons with crew

2 Organ Guns with crew

All machines are old metal models from 90s