Astra Militarum Detechment

  • Captain with Command Squad (metal officer’s figure is made of imperial commissar with power fist and book in other hand; medic, wounded soldier and VOX-operator are also metal Cadians figures, Standard Bearer is Cadian with Militarum Tempestus head with bionic eye and blue beret);
  • 19 light Infantry figures (incl. metal Cadian lieutenant with power sword, 1 flamer, 2 meltaguns, 1 plasma gun, 1 grenade launcher, 11 have Forge World resin heads with respiratos, 2 have dangerous enviroment backpacks, some have Militarum Tempestus heads with blue berets, 1 figure carries a VOX-backpack).
  • 11 heavy infantry figures (6 are metal Kasrkins inc. sargeant and flamer, 5 are Militarum Tempestus plastics incl. cool officer conversion with white cap and respirator from Forge World upgrade pack, others have blue berets)
  • 1 Heavy Weapon Team with Heavy Bolter,
  • 2 Cadian Snipers (made of metal);
  • 1 Leman Russ Punisher tank with converted crewman.
  • 1 Taurox APC
  • 1 Chimera APC
  • 1 Sentinel walker (lascannonn is assemblked on magnes, so it’s easy to replace it with other armament)

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